Review: Silverchair – Tomorrow (Rock)

This review covers the grunge track Silverchair – Tomorrow.

This track was released in 1995 on the album Frogstomp.

The track starts off with some guitars. The vocals then join the track for a first verse.

After that, the lead guitars come in as the vocals drop out. From there, the more acoustic guitars come in for a moment. After that, the main vocals and lead guitars come back. The lead vocals go through the main chorus.

From there, the vocals come back for a verse. This is backed by the more acoustic guitars. After that, the vocals take the track into the main chorus with the lead guitars. This is capped off with an instrumental section.

After that, the vocals repeat the main chorus. The vocals and lead guitar then lead the track out.

One of the big problems for this track that became apparent is the fact that it’s very hard to understand a word the vocalists are singing. I can catch maybe a couple words here and there during the verses. Beyond that, it just sounds like a string of vowels to me.

The main chorus, though, does sound pretty good. Although it is a bit tricky to understand some of the words, the lyrics are more clear in this section. The lead guitars work very well here too.

Moving on to some more minor points, the track does have some decent flow. It’s able to place instrumental sections in good parts of the track to give this one a bit more variety. A downside here is the fact that the lyrics a little bit slim here. There’s all of two verses and three main chorus’ here.

Overall, this is an alright track. It has a pretty good main chorus and a decent flow. The lyrics are hard to understand – especially in the verses. The lyrics are a bit on the skimpy side. So, a track with positives and negatives, but a decent one in the end.


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