Review: Shades of Rhythm – Sweet Sensation (12″) (Breakbeat)

This review covers the breakbeat track Shades of Rhythm – Sweet Sensation (12″).

This track was released in 1991 along with the original mix.

The track starts with a vocal element. This is joined by a synth string elements. A drum kit also joins in. When the drum kit briefly goes away, a synth melody comes in. Piano chords also make an appearance as well.

From there, the synth strings fade out, allowing other elements to make a bigger presence. A synth effect then comes in that changes the track up. This goes away and is eventually replaced by an additional voice sample. That, too, fades out and some synth effects come in again. At this point, the synth string comes in again.

The track drops somewhat with the drum kit going away for a brief period of time. After that, the track continues on with the drum kit like before. The track then drops out, leaving only the voice sample to repeat and fade out.

One thing I do like about this track are the sections that contain the synth string. In these sections, the track really comes together nicely.

A pitfall, however, is when the secondary vocals come in. It just comes out almost randomly and comes in as a rather awkward addition to the track. I get that something needed to be added to change the track up. In fact, I would say the track desperately needed something to add some variety. Unfortunately, this section just doesn’t really do this track much justice.

Overall, this is an alright track. The main sections really work in this tracks favour and gives this track a nice dreamy sound. The drum kit gives this track some nice energy on top of it all. Unfortunately, the section that is supposed to give this track variety with the secondary voice sample just doesn’t really cut it as far as I’m concerned. Still, it’s a decent track to listen to even with its flaws.


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