Review: Sash! – It’s My Life (House)

This review covers the house track Sash! – It’s My Life.

This track was released in 1997 on the album It’s My Life.

The track starts off with some clapping. A high hat is introduced. A bassline then comes in along with a snare. A synth melody then comes in as the track builds. An additional high hat comes in. After a crash, a synth pad comes in. An additional effect then comes in.

From there, the track breaks down somewhat as a voice sample is introduced. A 404-like synth is also introduced. The synths then drop out as the track pulls back.

Some additional synths are then introduced. After that, the track drops out, leaving only the pad and synth melody. After that, the track then drops out as things like the synth pad drops out.

The 404-like synth then returns along with the voice sample. From there, the main melody returns along with some of the high hats from earlier. The synth pad makes a return.

From there, the voice sample returns along with the 404-like synth. An additional synth is layered in. When the main melody returns, and additional synth melody comes in. The track then drops back with largely the main synth melody, pad, and a kick. The voice sample makes one last appearance. After that, the pad and main synth melody leads the track out.

For me, there are some decent elements in this track. The main melody does offer some well realized vibes. The pads to add some good colour to the overall track.

Like other previously produced tracks of this genre, this one seems to follow along with the mix and match style with the elements it employs. Unfortunately, the mix and match is the only real sense of progression throughout the track and, as such, doesn’t really go anywhere as a result.

Overall, there’s some good synths going in in this track. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t much of a sense of progression throughout the track. So, a pretty decent on all around, but nothing amazing.


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