Review: Rush – Dreamliner (Rock)

This review covers the hard rock track Rush – Dreamliner.

This track was released in 1991 on the album Roll the Bones.

The track starts with a whooshing sound. The guitars then come in. This is followed up by the vocals. The electric guitars then come in along with the drum kit.

From there, the track backs off, leaving just the guitar and vocals. The guitars get this track back moving again with the main chorus coming in.

After this, the track pulls back again and the next verse comes in. The vocals are largely backed be minimal guitar elements. Shortly after this, the track picks up again as the vocals go through the main chorus again.

From there, the vocals change up a bit as the track hits the next verse. This verse shows off some backup vocals. After this, the track pulls back and the vocals continue. From there, the main chorus hits again. This section is capped off with a guitar solo.

After this, a verse repeats. A brief drum solo happens before the track goes back into the main chorus. After a few drum hits, the track ends.

Probably the biggest strength of this track is the lyrics. There are small bits of meaning that can be picked up here and there in them. So, there are flashes of creativity here.

The main chorus sounds decent. All the elements do come together, though I don’t find it particularly memorable to be honest. Some of the verses, meanwhile, are alright and they do change things up in a rather necessary fashion.

The guitar work is decent, but nothing I would call memorable either.

Overall, listening to this track, I get a lot of “average”, “average”, “average”. No one element strikes me as particularly bad. Unfortunately, nothing really strikes me as special in this track outside of a few interesting lyrics. It’s not a terrible track to listen to, but not something that I would remember in a few months time. A passable track.


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