Review: Roxette – It Must Have Been Love (Pop)

This review covers the pop track Roxette – It Must Have Been Love.

This track was released in 1990 on the official soundtrack of the movie Pretty Woman.

The track starts off with a drum kit with some reverberation. Some guitar and synth elements join the track. After this, the main vocals come in with the backup vocals leading them in.

The main chorus comes in with a layered melody. This is followed by the vocals going straight into the next verse.

In the next main verse, there is some additional string elements to help emphasize the sound. This is capped off with an instrumental section. The track ends with the main chorus repeating while the track fades out.

Probably the biggest strength in this track is the vocals. I thought the vocals are quite pleasant to hear in this track.

The thing wit this track is that it’s essentially a breakup song. So I found that the slow tempo to be quite peculiar. This is especially peculiar because it uses such soft sounds as if it could have been a love song. So, I’m really not sure if this is the greatest idea where something a little sadder might have been more effective.

Other then that, this strikes me as one of those tracks that doesn’t have anything particularly bad about it. Unfortunately, there is nothing in this track that makes it particularly amazing either. It ticks the boxes for being a decent track, but it really doesn’t do a lot to make itself particularly amazing either.

Overall, the vocals sound quite good. I’m not sure the softer tones really matches the themes in the lyrics quite so well. It’s an alright track, but nothing amazing otherwise. A decent track all around.


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