Review: Rotterdam Termination Source – Poing (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Rotterdam Termination Source – Poing.

This track was released in 1992 as part of a single.

The track starts with a cartoon spring sound with a delay effect. A kick then comes in. From there, a synth melody then comes in along with a high hat. The kick goes away and a secondary synth melody layers itself over the first. A clap also makes an appearance. The track then breaks down somewhat with the spring sound.

In the next section, the kick continues and is joined by a synth pad. A secondary synth pad comes in as well. A new synth melody then starts to come in. This is joined by the spring sound. After a brief pause of most of the elements, the synth melody becomes gradually more pronounced. There’s a brief break with a bunch more of the spring sound before the track continues. This section is capped out with one last spring sound.

The string synth continues after the track breaks down. This string disappears ad the bassline then takes over. A main synth melody makes a return. After some more spring sounds, the track builds back up to its climactic part again. The synth pads help this along. One of the melodies is automated and the filtering goes back and forth gradually. After this, the track gradually breaks down.

In the next section, the climactic portion of the track continues with much quicker spring sounds. These spring sound eventually go back to what they were before. The track then gradually breaks down with the spring sound leading the track out.

One thing I do like about this track is that it has a very fun premise. The risk here is that the spring sound may just end up sounding rather annoying. It’s great that it just stays fun. As a result, it is easily an enjoyable track.

Another good aspect of this track is that this track has a great atmosphere. The overall sound with the various elements makes this a very enjoyable experience. Even better is the fact that the track has a great flow as well. This keeps the track interesting from beginning to end.

Overall, this is a very good track. It has a fun premise and a great flow. The audio atmosphere works quite well. The spring sound is an especially fun element. So, an overall very good track worth listening to.


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