Review: The Rolling Stones – Almost Hear You Sigh (Rock)

This review covers the rock track The Rolling Stones – Almost Hear You Sigh.

This track was released in 1990 as a single.

The track starts with a drum kit for a brief moment. The guitars then come in quickly followed by a piano element.

After that, the vocals do come in with the piano element having been pulled away. Part way through the vocals, they are joined by backup vocals. For a brief moment, the backup vocals do take over before the main vocals take over again.

The track then melds into the main chorus. Instrumentally, little separates the main chorus and the verse. The chorus is topped off with the backup vocals taking over.

After this, the vocals take over for a moment before the track hits an acoustic guitar solo. After this, the track then goes into the main chorus again.

At that point, the track then goes into what sounds like another verse, but the track then gradually fades out.

For me, the track does start off pretty decent. Unfortunately, once the track hits the main chorus, some of the lyrics becomes garbled. A lot of the lyrics are more or less lost by the way the vocals sing them.

The guitar solo is decent enough. Unfortunately, after the solo, the indistinct vocals come back and I just get lost in the track (and not in a good way).

Another problem is that the track does little outside the vocals to discern between verse and chorus. Ideally, I’d like to hear something in the instrumental section that discerns between verse and chorus because it can help elevate the track. This one just didn’t do that.

Generally speaking, while there are some decent concepts behind the track, the lyrics ultimately get lost in the garbled vocals. Nothing really elevates the track outside the vocals during the main chorus. In the end, this one doesn’t do a whole lot for me.


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