Review: Rob Zombie – Superbeast (Rock)

This review covers the industrial metal track Rob Zombie – Superbeast.

This track was released in 1998. It was released on the album Hellbilly Deluxe. The track also appeared in the game Twisted Metal III.

The track starts off with some synth sounds that immediately punctuate a horror theme right at the beginning. After that, the track hits a guitar solo section. This certainly gives the track some power. The addition of the synth string sound layered on top helps things along.

After a dialed back synth section, the track goes into a lyrical section. This sets the track up nicely for the first main chorus appearance.

The track then goes into a verse which features filtered vocals. This helps differentiate it from the main chorus which, of course, repeats right after. A guitar solo follows suit right after.

When the track gets ready for the next verse, there is the use of rattling chain. This really helps make the theme of the track much more apparent. After a final chorus and guitar solo, the track winds down with some sound effects.

The vocals work incredibly well. Not only are they articulate, but they also drip with pure evil. Given the horror theme throughout the track, this is very effective and well done.

Meanwhile, the lyrics basically talk about a demon that is summoned. The hints towards evil rituals and spells certainly add to the overall experience of the track.

It’s easy to tell just how much effort was put into this track. Everything has its place. It all fits together very well. The track doesn’t just use electric guitars and other standard rock sounds, it also utilizes so much more just to add that extra flair to the overall sound.

Overall, this is a great track. The lyrics and vocals really paints well thought out themes. The sound effects and subtle synth effects adds so much to the track as well. I found that everything from the electric guitars down to the subtle effects just completes the track very well. Don’t have anything to really complain about here, this is a great track.


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