Review: The Replacements – Merry Go Round (Rock)

This review covers the alternative rock track The Replacements – Merry Go Round.

This track was released in 1990 on the album All Shook Down.

The track starts with guitars and a drum kit. A short period of time in and the track goes into the vocals.

After this, the track goes into the main chorus. From there, the track does go into another verse with an additional guitar.

When the track goes into the next main chorus, an additional subtle guitar joins in. This section is capped off with a very distant vocal. The backup vocals are louder than the main vocals even. After this, the track goes into a guitar solo.

The next verse continues with the same elements with the same elements found in the previous verse. This is followed by an identical main chorus. The main chorus then starts to repeat and gradually fade out.

One problem this track has is the distant vocals. Given the other elements in the track, it may have been pulled back a bit too much as it just sounds so quiet, it is off.

Another problem is that the vocals can be a bit slurred at times. This makes it difficult to understand some of the lyrics.

The guitars work, but the only time they even become interesting is during the solo. The solo itself is alright, but nothing too spectacular.

Overall, this winds up being a pretty average track with problems in it. The vocals are slurred and the mastering is a bit flawed at times. The guitars are pretty average, though the solo does make them seem interesting for a brief period of time. In the end, this track winds up being nothing too special.


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