Review: Rednex – Cotten Eye-Joe (Dance)

This review covers the dance track Rednex – Cotten-Eye Joe.

This track was released in 1995 on the album Sex & Violins.

The overall story found in the lyrics is that someone named Cotten-Eye Joe came in and scared away all of the women in the area, leaving only men behind.

The track follows a house-like structure throughout, but utilizes many country elements throughout to the point that it almost departs from your average dance track. The electronic elements are there, but you have to have an ear for picking them out. this, of course, doesn’t really detract from the overall enjoyability of this track.

The use of both male and female vocals certainly gives this track a good amount of dimension. The lyrics, however, are a bit limited to simply a verse and a chorus repeating throughout. There could have been more to the lyrics in my opinion.

Still, I do like the overall silly and happy vibe I get throughout the track. Little wonder why it’ still infrequently played now and then. A great track overall.


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