Review: Redline – 1000th Floor (Synth-Pop)

This review covers the synth-pop track Redline – 1000th Floor.

This track was released in 2015. It was released as part of the album Mind’s Garden.

The track starts with some synth and guitar-like elements. Choir elements are added as well.

After this, there is a breakdown. That is when some talking elements are added. After this, there is a secondary melody that is brought in that gives this track a better sense of progression. The addition is subtle, yet effective.

From there, a second breakdown leads into some additional talking samples. This pattern repeats a third time before the final breakdown.

what I like with this track is that it has some very deep emotion. There is that sense of mystery through the main melody. You can get that sense of the super-natural, but blended into an artificial nature thanks to, well, the nature of the genre. It works very well in my view.

The subtle secondary melody really adds to the build-up of this track. It’s a very smooth addition, but very effective.

The voice samples for me, at first, took a bit to really think it works for the track. At first, it sounded like it was just dropped in and simply set back a little to try and make it work with the flow o the track. As a result of the quiet nature of the voice samples, it can be hard to understand what is being said at certain points. After a few listens, they do seem to fit better, but it takes a few listens to accomplish this in my view.

Overall, the mystical elements really won me over on this one. The mystical elements combined with the synthetic sound works so well for this track. The vocals take a bit of getting used to, but they do end up working in the long run. The elevator sound at the end is a nice touch. An overall great track.


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