Review: Rebel MC Featuring Tenor Fly – The Wickedest Sound (Don Gorgon Mix) (Breakbeat)

This review covers the breakbeat track Rebel MC Featuring Tenor Fly – The Wickedest Sound (Don Gorgon Mix).

This track was released in 1991 along with two other versions.

The track starts with some shouting. After this, the track has two different synths playing with some subtle voice samples. There’s some small amounts of rapping before the drum kit comes in. After this, an additional voice sample comes in.

Some of the synths do fade away when some vocals come in, but shortly after, the synth comes back. The drum kit briefly falls back, but then comes back with some rapping coming in as well. After this, some voice samples come in as well as some singing elements. A guitar element also comes in as well.

In the next part, some additional rap vocals come in to the track. After a little bit, a different vocalist takes over with the rapping. At the end of this, the voice samples then come in again. The singing does come back in after this.

At this point, the voice samples come back again. The track then breaks down somewhat before the drum kit comes back and more voice samples are heard. Eventually, some singing does make a brief return. After that, the track does break down for the final time. The track leads out with a bassline and a voice sample.

One thing I really like about this track is the drum kit. Combined with some of the various voice samples, the overall sound works quite well.

Both the singing and rapping do work pretty well. With the two vocal styles coming in to one track, that is typically enough to add a decent amount of variety. The fact that there are three different voices, though, works even better.

A problem I have with this track is the repetitive synth that plays throughout the track. It works as a sound for a little while, but it does wear out its welcome. If there was a different synth that comes in as a main synth as well, it wouldn’t be so bad. As it is, in spite of some variety at least being applied, it feels like the synth is left on auto-pilot for the most part. As such, the overall quality of the track does end u suffering.

Generally speaking, there is a fair number of interesting elements working in this tracks favour. Unfortunately, the quality is muddied with one very repetitive high pitched synth throughout. So, an overall decent track, but one with flaws.


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