Review: Psy’Aviah – Alone ft Lis van den Akker (Etasonic Vs Andre H Dance Extended DJ Edit) (Synth-Pop)

This review covers the synth-pop track Psy’Aviah – Alone ft Lis van den Akker (Etasonic Vs Andre H Dance Extended DJ Edit).

This track was released in 2016 as part of the album Chasing the Speed of Light.

The track certainly starts off with a rather trance-like beginning. As the track builds up, there is a slightly side-chained synth with a few banjo-like synths. This is backed by chopped vocals. From there, the track pulls back and the vocal portion begins with a verse.

The track then builds up into the main chorus backed by a very uplifting synth melody. After that, the vocals gradually fade out with the drop. The build up occurs after a synth effect as well as vocals with a delay effect.

This build-up is accentuated by the uplifting melody that has an automated cutoff. The chords then kick in with the main chorus as the build up backs off and comes in more quickly. This is followed by a solo synth melody which is rather extensive.

The main chorus then comes into the track which really punctuates the tracks climax. This is because the main melody backs these vocals. From there, the track gradually breaks down again with some of the effects heard at the beginning of the track.

While I can appreciate that some might consider this uplifting progressive trance, I’m leaving this in the synth-pop category because it’s an extended version of a synth-pop track.

For me, my first impression was “wow, this is a great track!” After hearing it a couple of times, that position just doesn’t change that much. The vocals are certainly impressive. They work so well throughout the track.

The quality just doesn’t let up throughout the track as the vocals are backed by very well done synth, bassline and other effects. Everything just fits so well together.

I also thought the flow works so incredibly well throughout. Nothing felt choppy, overly quick, or jerky in anyway. Different sections flow so well into each other.

The uplifting mood is very pronounced. The lyrics is an interesting choice for such positive vibes. I think it adds quite a bit of dimension even if some people might find them somewhat contradictory.

Overall, this is an excellent track. Excellent vocals, great lyrics, top notch synth and production quality make this a rather unforgetable listening experience. the banjo-like synth just adds just that litle bit of extra creative flare at the beginning and end too. A highly recommended track worth listening to.


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