Review: Program 2 – Una (Breakbeat)

This review covers the breakbeat track Program 2 – Una.

This track was released in 1994 on the album Robotix. Although the album is tagged as trance, this track has a much more breakbeat style than trance.

The track starts with some ocean-like samples. A synth also comes in along with some bird sounds. A female vocal comes in briefly. In addition to this, a second synth effect comes in. From there, a bassline comes in. After that, a drum kit comes in.

In the next part, the vocals make a return. A synth melody comes in before both the vocals and melody ping pong back and forth. After a while, both play out at the same time. A synth ends the section.

After that, a 303-like synth comes in. Another synth then comes in. That ends as well as the vocals come in again. This is backed by a synth melody. From there, the 303 -like synth comes in.

From there, the track drops, leaving some ocean samples and the vocals. The vocals end and the samples lead the track out gradually.

One thing I like about the track is the ocean samples. The birds and other wildlife along with the waves definitely give this track a chilled out atmosphere. On top of that, the vocals also add to the overall relaxed style of the track.

In addition, the synths are also pretty decent as well. There are multiple simple synth melodies, but they end up working pretty well to give the track a more full sound.

Overall, this is a pretty decent track. It works as a rather relaxing tune. The vocals and ocean samples certainly add to this overall mood. So, a decent one all around.


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