Review: Point Defiance – Close to Nothing (Rock)

This review covers the rock track, Point Defiance – Close to Nothing.

This track was released in 2006 on the album Single Bullet Theory.

The guitars featured in this track works incredibly well. There is a large variety between the more acoustic sound in the beginning and the solo towards the end. This really gave this track plenty to listen to.

The lyrics really gives off a sense of hopelessness which is likely what this track strives to portray. So, that element gets a thumbs up from me.

The vocals is what gave both Grindstone and this band a unique sound (both have the same members). This track doesn’t overly rely on the vocal sound, so it does avoid that possible criticism of this track sounding like every other track the band produces. So, it was nice to see even though the vocals do show talent.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty good track. Besides the somewhat quick ending, I don’t really have anything to criticize about this track. Good all around.


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