Review: Pitchshifter – W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. (Rock)

This review covers the industrial rock track Pitchshifter – W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G.

This track was released in 1998 on the album We previously reviewed the track Microwaved from the same album. That track got a pretty good score. Like the other track, this track appears in the game Twisted Metal III.

The track starts off with a drum loop and a guitar melody. After a bit, another guitar sound is heard coming in. That’s when the guitar chords kick in and the track takes off.

After this, a lightened version of the main chorus is heard. After this, some backup vocals come in. From there, the vocals go into the bridge which is rather brief. The vocals fade out with a delay effect.

The vocals go into another main chorus which is backed with vocals this time around. Like last time, the vocals fade out with a delay effect.

At this point, there is a brief guitar solo. This leads into the next verse. After this, an instrumental section comes in for a moment. The track then leads into the main chorus. The vocals fade out with a delay effect and the track ends.

One thing I will say is that if you are having a low self esteem day, this track can be a surprisingly good track to listen to while venting. The vocals just somehow manage to work very well.

Another strength in this track is the backup vocals. While they don’t appear that very often, but they do an exceptional job of punctuating certain words throughout the track. They do such a good job, it’s pretty much my favourite element here.

The problem I have with this track is that the guitars just don’t seem utilized enough. They do a decent job in some parts of the track, but they take such a back seat in other parts, it makes the track seem a little weak.

Overall, this is a pretty decent track. It’s a pretty effective track to vent frustrations out with thanks to the lyrics. While the guitars can be a bit weak at times, this track is still one worth listening to. A pretty good track.


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