Review: Phi-Phi & Greg D. – Jesus Trip (Christianity Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Phi-Phi & Greg D. – Jesus Trip (Christianity Mix).

This track was released in 1995 as a single.

The track starts off with a synth pad and synth melody. A choir element then comes in as the pads change melody. An additional string synth comes in. After a synth effect makes an appearance, the pads and string drop out, leaving only a bassline.

From there, the kick comes in. More elements of the trance drum kit come in. The choir element then comes back, but has a gate effect added to it. The choir elements hit two notes at the same time at least. A synth effect then comes in again, leaving only the choir elements with the effect applied to it.

A snare roll then comes in, building the track up. This is joined by a kick layered with the snare. The trance drum kit then makes a return. After that, the choir elements drop out, leaving only the drum kit and bassline. From there, a synth melody then makes an appearance. Some synth pads also come in. A kick and cymbal crash then comes in, dropping just about everything in the track.

What is left behind is the synth pads and some synth effects. The synth effect then makes an appearance briefly. A synth string then gradually comes in. The synth string slides upwards before the gated choir element makes a return. The synth string then drops out. Various elements briefly drop out at the end.

From there, all that’s left is the trance drum kit, bassline, and a 303-like synth. Bits of the drum kit then gradually drop out. After that, a synth effect comes in, leading the track out.

One good part about this track is the choir elements – especially when the gate effect is applied. It not only provides the track a good melody, but also a good rhythm as well.

Another good thing is the use of the secondary synth melody. It offsets the choir melody quite well.

My problem with the track is that it seems a bit thin on sound. The basics are there, but they get stretched out throughout this track. I would be curious to hear what it would have been like if the synth pads were in the background of the choir elements. Instead, each element gets somewhat played out one at a time. So, you never really get that full sound effect anywhere.

Overall, this is a decent enough track. The basics are all there including synth pads, melodies, and even an interesting choir element with a gate effect applied to it. It is a bit thin on overall sound, but at least it sounds good anyway. A decent one all around.


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