Review: Pendulum – Tarantula (Drum N Bass)

This review covers the drum n bass track Pendulum – Tarantula.

This track was released in 2005 on the album Hold Your Color. Previously, we reviewed the track Hold Your Color which also appeared on this album.

A major part of this track is the rap elements that was were spread throughout the track. The great part about these lyrics is the fact that it does quite a good job at just building and personifying a tarantula.

The vocals were pretty good. There are the odd moments here and there where some of the lyrics were a bit hard to understand, but I don’t think it really degraded the quality of this particular track.

Another major strength in this track is that the synth and instruments compliments the vocals so well. It starts with a somewhat more acoustic sound before bringing in the brass. Ultimately, the track builds up to a great drum n bass sound. While the general sound does quite a good job in and of itself, it allows the vocals to represent the personality of this track anyway.

Overall, this was definitely a highly enjoyable track. It has such a vivid personality and that spark of well-realized creativity thrown in. The overall sound compliments the vocals very well. The vocals were good and the lyrics were excellent. A track that gets two thumbs up from me.


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