Review: Papa Roach – Getting Away With Murder (Rock)

This review covers the rock track Papa Roach – Getting Away With Murder.

This track was released in 2004 on the album Getting Away With Murder.

This track was released during the Bush years. It was roughly when the Iraq war just kept dragging on and war fatigue was setting in amongst the American population. Skepticism for why America being in the country in the first place was on the rise and there was no shortage of anger against the US government – namely the Bush administration. The death toll of both US soldiers and Iraqi civilians were continually on the rise. A lot of this music – especially if you’ve seen the music video, was simply directed towards the government and the overall system. One well known catchphrase was “Bush Lies, People Die”, so this track could be an extension of that sentiment.

One thing this track really captures is an overall sense of being a psycho. There’s that unrestrained anger that is capable of lashing out at anything that moves. To add to that, there’s that addiction for more general destruction. All of that was definitely laid out in the lyrics.

The vocals were also an interesting point in this. In many respects, the vocals were a strong point as there is both whispering as well as the yelling that really conveyed the meaning of the track. The whispering kind of represented a voice in your head while the yelling kind of represented the actual voice. This kind of represents a sort of insanity that permeates inside and out. One pitfall of the vocals was that it was a bit hard to understand some of the lyrics. It’s the somewhat odd pronunciation of certain words that make it hard to understand.

The instruments in general was another strong point in this track. It’s all very loud, but given the content of the track, it fits. The overall audio atmosphere it created worked well and the small melodies throughout the track worked very well. Everything was nicely balanced out and any sense of anything being drowned out didn’t really impact the overall quality of the audio experience.

Overall, I thought this was definitely an enjoyable track. It’s worth listening to – especially if you are in a particular mood. A recommended track to say the least.


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