Review: Outblast & DJ D – Electro Shocking (Dyprax Remix) (Hardcore)

This review covers the gabber hardcore track Outblast & DJ D – Electro Shocking (Dyprax Remix).

This track was released in 2010 as a single.

The track starts off with a vocal sample. Throughout the track, it becomes apparent that various voice samples. The use of this can be described as eclectic. It might take a few listens, but there is that electric theme going on throughout the samples that do tie them together. It’s not always obvious, but they do tie together even if it is not immediately clear.

There are a number of different melodies throughout the track. Some of the melodies have a very standard hardcore lead synth. Another melody has a more chime-like sound which gives the track that twisted sound.

Some of the different elements include the choir sound. This worked to help give the track some nice dimension to the sound. There was also the use of an interesting bassline at the beginning that helped give this track a nice lead-in.

While there is a lot of great elements throughout the track, this track does have one downside. It is a little busy. In the midst of such a large number of different voice samples and different melodies, it’s possible to get a little lost in it all. The number of elements might have been an effort to make this track epic, but it needed to be more thematic to be successful.

One minor nitpick for me is the mastering. Some of the voice samples do get a little drowned out. as a result, some of them are a little hard to understand. A few of them could have been brought forward a little.

Still, despite some of its flaws, this turned out to be a pretty good track. It has a lot of great elements that make for a great track. While the somewhat obscured theme might hurt the quality of the track as well as a few mastering flaws, there is still plenty to enjoy here. The melodies work to not only give this track something interesting to listen to, but also adds dimension. The way some of the melodies are held back helps give this track personality. A pretty solid listen overall.


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