Review: Nuyorican Soul ‎– It’s Alright (I Feel It) (House)

This review covers the house track Nuyorican Soul ‎– It’s Alright (I Feel It).

This track was released in 1997 as a single.

The track starts off with some synth string and a piano. Some high hats come in. Shortly after, the vocals come in with parts of the main chorus. From there, the rest of the drum kit comes in to help fill in the track.

From there, the vocals take the track into the first verse. Backup vocals make brief appearances. The track gradually melds into the main chorus.

After that, the vocals drop out and a piano solo takes over. At the end, the track drops back as the vocals take over again. Piano and a synth element backs it.

After a while, synths gradually get brought forward. Some synth strings become more prominent and the drum kit makes a return. The vocals take the track into the main chorus again. The synths and strings drop out, leaving just the vocals and drum kit. From there, the synths then come back into the track. The vocals then drop out briefly.

Backup vocals then come back in periodically. After that, the track is largely instrumental. From there, the track breaks down and the synth leads the track out.

One way to describe the track is as having really long sections. We’re talking whole minutes here. As a result, you can go through long piano solo’s, main chorus’, and instrumental sections. The negative side effect to this is that the track tends to drag after a while. It’s not an overly burdensome issue because there are plenty of minor variances within each section, but you still get that dragging feeling.

The vocals are nicely done and the piano solo’s work quite well. The synths and strings that back the track also helps fill things out nicely.

Overall, this is a decent enough track. It has good vocals and piano work. The synth strings and other synth elements work well. Unfortunately, the long sections to make this track feel like it is dragging a bit after a while. So, a decent enough track.


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