Review: NIVIRO – Sapphire (Original Mix) (Hardcore)

This review covers the hardcore track NIVIRO – Sapphire (Original Mix).

This track was released in 2017 online for free.

The track starts off with some plucked synth and a clap sound. It doesn’t take long for the hardcore sounds to take over, but this is only brief. The track drops quite quickly with the plucked synth. From there, the track gets some backing with some piano keys.

Shortly after this, the more aggressive synths take over. The snares known well in hardcore music help build up the track. This leads into one final buildup before the track launches into the main part.

From there, the track pulls back with keys and plucked synth. While there is a bit of a buildup, the track does just jump into the more aggressive synths, only hitting some higher notes the second time around. The track goes into a slightly modified version of the main portion of the track. After this, the track begins to break down. Some synths eventually take the track fully out.

One thing I like about the track is that it blends hardcore with uplifting synth. The hardcore elements give the track a very nicely done energy. Meanwhile, the synths give the track an overall sense of optimism. Combined, the track gives an overall triumphant mood in general.

My only real complaint is that the transitions were a bit too quick. While I have no problem with the drops and the main portions, the way these sections of the tracks are brought together makes the track a little jarring. You get that loud, soft, loud, quiet, loud feeling like someone is playing with a light switch. It’s a minor issue with me, though because the overall sound is well done.

Generally speaking, the powerful triumphant sound this track projects is very nicely done. The blending of hardcore and uplifting sounds works quite well. The transitions could use some work, but the lead out was nicely done. A very nicely done track overall.


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