Review: Nitrous Oxide Feat. Sean Ryan – Come Into My World (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Nitrous Oxide Feat. Sean Ryan – Come Into My World.

This track was released in 2010. It is part of the album Dreamcatcher.

The track starts off with synth followed up by a kick, hi hat and more synths. A synth melody is then layered on top of the other effects. The kick gradually fades out, but returns when the vocals start.

The vocals are eventually joined by some additional pads. Additional piano keys join the track. The kick fades out as the drop softly hits. From there, the vocals, piano and synth lead the listener through this part of the track.

From there, the vocals and synth melody start to rebuild up the track. The backing of sidechained synth helps the build up. The kick finishes the build up as the vocals fade away.

The climax of the track consists of many synth elements including a synth melody as well as a fairly standard trance drum kit. After this, the vocals come back with the main chorus. The track then breaks down with vocals and the synth melody with the kick fading out. After this, the track is topped off with a synth effect and a reverse symbol effect.

With the title, I wasn’t personally expecting much in terms of lyrics. My expectations were definitely exceeded by a long shot here. The vocals were excellent throughout. My only complaint is that there is a few moments where they mumble the lyrics a bit, but, for the most part, they ultimately become the strongest part of the track.

The synth melodies are another highlight in my view. They really help carry the track through nicely. They give the track a nice flow in the process which is a great bonus. One thing is for sure, the piano only enhances the overall sound that much further.

Generally speaking, this is a great track overall. My only minor complain is that the lyrics do have brief moments of mumbling, but the vocals sill manage to be the tracks biggest strength. The synths backing the vocals really gives this track a nice edge over other tracks. Finally, the piano just gives this track such a nice added touch overall. Definitely a great track overall that is recommended.


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