Review: Mr. President – I Give You My Heart (Pop)

This review covers the dance pop track Mr. President – I Give You My Heart.

This track was released in 1996 on the album We See the Same Sun.

The track starts with vocals and a synth. After a bit, the drum kit then comes in along with the main synth melody.

After that, the male vocals do some rap style vocals. After that, the female vocals take the track into the main chorus. This is capped off with an instrumental section.

After a synth effect, the male vocals return with a verse. This is backed by a different synth. From there, the female vocals take the track into the main chorus. Chord synths back this part of the track. Some backup vocals also join the vocals here. From there, an instrumental section come in.

From there, the female vocals extend the main chorus as the track largely drops out. The track then builds up with the kick coming back in. After that, a modified version of the main chorus comes back in. The track then drops out as the vocals quickly lead the track out.

One thing that tends to work quite well is male rap vocals and female singing vocals. This dynamic is certainly present in this track. Interestingly enough, the quality of the vocals is about on par with each other. They are OK, but not the most amazing I’ve ever heard.

The lyrics are a bit dry for my taste. I can’t put my finger on what I don’t like about them. It’s not a huge problem, but it’s enough to throw the quality off for me. I, unfortunately, can’t quite figure out what it is.

Meanwhile, the synths are actually pretty good. They really help boost the overall sound in my books.

Overall, this is a decent enough track. The vocals and lyrics are OK, but nothing huge. The synths, however, do elevate the quality of the track. It’s a decent one all around.


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