Review: Moon.74 – How I Feel (Frozen Plasma Remix) (Industrial)

This review covers the industrial track Moon.74 – How I Feel (Frozen Plasma Remix).

This track was released in 2013 on an EP.

One big element is the main melody that adds a sort of rhythm thanks mostly to the quarter note repetition sprinkled in. While it’s anything but repetitious in general, it both adds rhythm and serves as something neat to listen to.

The vocals add some interest to the track, though they aren’t as prominent as you would expect with a track that contains general vocals. Still, it wasn’t bad.

One qualm I do have with this track is that it takes a bit for the song to really take off with the synthetic strings. Once it does take off, it sounds pretty good, but you spend three quarters of the track waiting to get to the real good part. The elements added in at the beginning was interesting, but I think this track would have benefited from a few of these elements in the beginning even if briefly. Then anticipation could be built to what is to come, but this track doesn’t really have that at the beginning.

Overall, though, this was a pretty good track. It has some interesting vocals and melody. The synthetic string was great, but it was sequestered to the end of the track. Still not a bad thing to listen to.


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