Review: Milk Incorporated – Sky Trance (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Milk Incorporated – Sky Trance.

This track was released in 1998 on the album Apocalypse Cow. The artist is also known as La Vache.

The track starts with a kick and bassline which contains a delay effect. Some high hats join in. When the snare roll hits, a synth melody comes in. After another snare roll, the track reaches its drop.

A secondary melody comes in. The bassline joins in. A snare roll helps build the track back up. After some cymbals, the tracks main melody comes in.

A snare roll then hits and transitions the track to the next part. An additional snare roll leads the track into a second drop. This leaves the main melody and a backing chord melody. The bassline comes in and a snare builds the track back up again. From there, the track hits the main portion and, ultimately, climax.

Another snare roll hits and the track slips back down with just the drum kit and bassline. The track then breaks down further with the bassline largely leading the track out.

This is one of those tracks that have a seemingly simple, yet effective set of elements. The bassline not only drives the track through, but is also great and building the track up. This is certainly impressive in its own right.

The secondary melody works very well. Not only is it great for helping the track through the transitions, but it also gives the track a nice backing in the more climactic portions of the track.

Almost lost in all of this is the main melody. The main melody is pretty decent, but because other melodies help back this, it actually sounds really good. It’s actually just two notes, but really, with all that is going on in the track already, it’s as if nothing else was really needed. In fact, if it was any more complex, it would seem excessive and overwhelming. So, it works out quite well.

Overall, this is a great track. It’s got great backing melodies that actually takes a simplistic main melody and makes it sound great. It builds up nicely and flows well. A track that I would recommend.


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