Review: Miikka Leinonen Feat Kim Kiona – Breath Of The Wild (Original Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Miikka Leinonen Feat Kim Kiona – Breath Of The Wild (Original Mix).

This track was released in 2018 as part of a single.

The track starts off with some non-lyrical vocals. This is backed by some effects and synth pads. Some added percussion work and a bassline makes brief appearances. From there, the kick comes in along with a separate filtered bassline. The bassline is gradually brought forward. After that, the track briefly drops out.

From there, the non-lyrical vocals come in and the drum kit comes in. A synth melody is introduced. The melody fills out after a very brief drop. A subtle secondary melody is introduced. After that, some of the hats drop out. Gradually, the track breaks down into a drop.

The vocals then come in, backed by some chimes, synth pads and strings. A synth plucked string is introduced. A bass drop comes in and the vocals drop out. This is replaced by another synth melody. This is backed by several synth pads. The kick then comes in and the track gradually starts to build up. That synth melody continues on throughout. The track pulls back somewhat as the track sets up for a climax.

The drum kit then comes in and all the synths return. A new synth melody also comes in, dotting the audio landscape. An additional pad comes in and the vocals come back. After that, elements then gradually start to drop out. Filtering is added to other elements to help pull them back.

From there, the synths pull back and the track gradually starts to break down. Some filtered white noise leads the track out.

One thing is for sure, this is one of those tracks that is impressive on the first listen. The vocals alone make this a great track. They are both beautiful and powerful. They also give this track such a great amount of energy. So, that alone gets a huge thumbs up.

What really helps separate this track out from the rest is the constant addition of new synth melodies. They start out as highly enjoyable and just keep getting better and better throughout. That, to me, is also impressive.

I really can’t find any flaws in this one. This track has such overall power and excellent level of production talent here.

Overall, this is quite a great track. It has great vocals and impressive synths that make this track better and better as you listen to it. The quality is impressive. So, wow, a highly recommended track.


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