Review: Michael Jackson – Black or White (Pop)

This review covers the pop track Michael Jackson – Black or White.

This track was released in 1991 as a single.

The track starts off with elements of a drum kit and an electric guitar. Elements of the main vocals also make an appearance early on. From there, the vocals take over for the first verse.

It doesn’t take long before the main chorus comes in. After a brief instrumental section, the vocals take the track into the next verse. Shortly after, the main chorus makes another round. This is capped off with an instrumental section. Shortly after, the track features a secondary instrumental section.

From there, some secondary vocals come in to start the next verse. After this, the main vocals take over to take the track into the main chorus again. This is capped off with another instrumental section. After this, the track breaks down and ends pretty quickly.

One thing I really like about this track is the messaging it does deliver. The messages about equality really makes me give this track a real thumbs up.

Another positive is that some of the instrumental sections are well done. I do like the second instrumental portion which features some great energy.

What I’m not a huge fan of is that some of the lyrics get mangled by the main vocals. It can be hard to understand what the lyrics are because of it.

Overall, this is a pretty decent track. It’s main strengths are the messaging it offers as well as some of the instrumental sections. The weakness here is the main vocals mangling some of the lyrics. So, an overall pretty decent track.


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