Review: Matt Darey Presents Mash Up – Liberation (Temptation – Fly Like An Angel) (Ferry Corsten Remix) (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Matt Darey Presents Mash Up – Liberation (Temptation – Fly Like An Angel) (Ferry Corsten Remix).

This track was released in 1999 as a single.

The track starts with a high hat and drum kit. Some filtering is added, but is gradually pulled back. A chopped voice sample makes an appearance. After that, a synth melody is added with a fair amount of reverberation. A second synth melody also joins the track.

After a swell of synth, a different synth melody takes over. Vocals make a brief appearance. A secondary synth is also present. After a reverse cymbal, a second synth with reverberation is added. The vocals return for a moment before some chopped vocals are added for an extended period of time. Some filtering is applied to the chopped vocals. After that, the drop hits.

Synth strings take over with a synth effect. The vocals then enter the track again for a verse. Another synth rejoins the track to begin building the track up. The main drum kit then returns to the track while the vocals keep going into the main chorus.

Another synth melody comes in with the vocals dropping out. This serves as a major melody with some added reverberation. After a bit, the track pulls back somewhat as the vocals make a return. Synth strings back them. A synth gradually makes a return. The drum kit pulls back for a bit. Then, the drum kit returns to the track.

From there, the vocals drop out, leaving the synth melodies to take over again. From there, several synth elements drop out, leaving the drum kit and bassline. A synth effect does make an appearance. Parts of the drum kit then drop out. A snare roll hits before a synth effect leads the track out.

One thing I do like about this track is the vocals. They really give this track a nice amount of life throughout. They are crisp and nice to listen to.

The synth melodies are pretty solid. While most of them on their own are pretty straight forward, the wide variety of them really gives this track a lot of variety. They ultimately make the track enjoyable from beginning to end.

Another thing that is a plus is the overall flow. Different aspects pull back and return at well placed times throughout the track. This gives the track a nice sense of progression throughout.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty solid track to listen to. It has enjoyable vocals and nicely done synth melodies. The flow helps tie the whole track together nicely, making for a pleasant listening experience from beginning to end. So, a good track to listen to in my view.


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