Review: Maduk ft. Veela – Ghost Assassin (Drum N Bass)

This review covers the liquid drum n bass track Maduk ft. Veela – Ghost Assassin.

This track was released in 2012 online for free.

A major element in this track is, without a question, the vocals. They were quite well done. They were both really neat to listen to and has that required sense of unease. This really sold the track for me.

Lyrics were also a very interesting part of the track. They were both highly complex, yet very creative. The subject has that psychoanalytical touch, yet at the same time, paints a very clear picture. The amount of meaning that was woven into the track was definitely great.

The production quality was pretty good. The real strength was the way it flowed. For a track with such a complex lyrical structure, it was nice to hear that the production quality doesn’t waver at all. The breakdowns and buildups throughout were a strength in this track.

The track contains some subtle brass that was also a nice touch.

Overall, this was a very good track. The unique subject matter in the lyrics alone make me give this track a thumbs up. The vocals were a strength and the overall sound in this track really helped back the vocals nicely. If you want a rather unique listening experience, this is a great candidate.


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