Review: Little Louie Vega ft Marc Anthony – Ride on the Rhythm (Kenlou Rhythm Mix) (House)

This review covers the house track Little Louie Vega ft Marc Anthony – Ride on the Rhythm (Kenlou Rhythm Mix).

This track was released in 1991 as part of a single.

The track starts with some vocal elements. After a reverse cymbal, a piano element joins in. A drum kit also joins in.

The vocals them come in again, taking the track into the main chorus. After that, some synth strings come in. After that, some additional vocals come in to take the track into the first verse.

The main chorus then comes in and the second vocals layer over top of the other vocals at the same time. This ends with some keys. In the next verse, additional vocals come in to rap through the next section. Some sound effects also compliment these vocals. At the end, the track pulls back temporarily with a minor melody.

The track then builds up with some of the vocals returning and a bassline. After this, the main chorus comes in and some additional vocals ping pong back and forth.

From there, the second vocals come in for an additional verse. After this, the main chorus comes in with the vocals layering over top of it. From there, the track starts to break down. A minor melody takes over and is layered with a secondary melody. A piano elements joins in on the track. The bassline makes a return with some subtle vocal elements. An additional vocal joins in on the track. After that, the track then starts breaking down again. One of the vocals leads the track out with a delay effect.

One thing I do like about this track is the number of elements throughout. There are three different vocals that take turns taking a dominant role in the track. As a result, repetition is certainly not a problem with this track. I really like the diversity in this track because all three vocal elements also have their own style. You have the rap style, the choir style, and the pop style all teaming up together. It turns out quite well as far as I’m concerned.

Another positive in this track is that there are a number of melodies throughout. The piano might get a little on the repetitive side, but the other melodies also give the track a nice variety.

Additionally, I like the overall positive vibes I get from this track. It’s not overwhelming euphoria or anything like that, but it’s a positive vibe with a nice light energy which makes it a very approachable track.

Overall, this is a very solid track. It has three different singing styles from three different vocalists. The different melodies also in this track are pretty good. Also, the light positive vibes in this track is certainly a nice thing to hear. An overall solid track.


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