Review: LaTour – People Are Still Having Sex (House)

This review covers the house track LaTour – People Are Still Having Sex.

This track was released in 1991 as part of a self-titled album.

The track starts off with a basic melody, kick, and high hat. A subtle bassline fades in. A clap is also introduced. From there, a female sample pops in and out. Some synth string elements come in.

The main vocals then come in. Some string elements come in along with the sample. The main chorus then comes in. Part way through, the string elements cut out as the track goes in to the next verse.

From there, the track goes in to an instrumental section wit the sample repeating. From there, the vocals go into the next verse. After this, some backup vocals repeat the title of the track. A stereotypical organ sound plays out for a moment. From there, a synth melody comes in.

An additional voice sample repeats. Part way through, the other elements stop for a brief period. A keys element comes in, stopping the voice sample. After this, the main vocals kick off the next round in the main chorus. A chopped vocal suddenly ends the track.

This is one of those tracks that rely on shock value. When the shock value of the track is present, that’s when the track becomes most reactionary. The problem comes when the shock value is taken out of the picture. Once that is removed, this track is actually a pretty boring one. As a result, the lyrics come off as merely a cheap shot to rack up interest and sales more than anything else.

The main source of this criticism stems from the lyrics. Once you get past repeating the title several times, it’s like the creativity suddenly starts running dry. All that is left over are largely scraps of “what else do I fill this track with anyway?” it seems.

The main melody and even the keys element are actually pretty decent. They do add something interesting to the track.

Unfortunately, this track, in the grand scheme of things, is actually pretty flat. There are very limited layers found here. Because of this, more emphasis on the remaining layers is needed to make this a passable track. Unfortunately, what layers are there are often pretty generic. So, as a result, I get quite bored listening to the track.

Overall, this track ends up being quite a cheap one. It relies on the shock value of the title of the track in the lyrics. Once you get over that aspect, the track ends up being pretty boring. With the exception of a decent key section and the main melody, this track offers very little to the listener. The organ element is a real nails on chalkboard moment for me on top of it all. I’ll begrudgingly call this passable, but I can’t rate this any higher then that.


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