Review: Lange Ft Tracey Carmen ‎– Happiness Happening (Lange 2009 Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Lange Ft Tracey Carmen ‎– Happiness Happening (Lange 2009 Mix).

This track was released in 2009 along with the 1999 mix.

The track starts with a kick and synth sound. The track gradually builds up with the inclusion of the hi hat as well as some pads that fade in. After a bit, the vocals do come in. After a few synth effects, the vocals fade away, giving way to some different sliding synths. An additional synth joins in right before the drop.

During the drop, a there is a subtle synth melody. The vocals come back. As the track starts to build up, an additional synth melody starts to come in. Some pads also help build the track up again.

By the time the vocals fade back out, some additional synths take over, setting up for the final build up. The main melody then takes over after a snare roll. At the end of it, some vocals come back. The vocals have some filters added to them on occasion. An additional snare roll hits and some synths come back into the track. The secondary melody of this track takes over for a bit before the primary melody takes over.

The vocals make an additional return, leading the track through the final part of the climax. After that, the track gradually breaks down one last time.

On first blush, the track is pretty decent. After a few rounds of listening to it, I still think it’s decent. The vocals are quite nice. They give the track a rather pleasant sound.

The melodies are also decent. They give the track a certain amount of dimension and give the track some life to it.

For me, the thing about this track is that it’s hard to get really excited over it. It isn’t bad. It’s just that there’s nothing truly amazing about it either. There’s nothing in here that makes me want to shout “Wow, that’s amazing!”

Overall, this track has all the ingredients for a decent track. It has good vocals and melodies. It’s just a bit disappointing that it doesn’t do anything to make me excited over it. It got off the starting block, but once it made it to the realm of being decent, the track just seemingly stopped trying. So, a half decent effort, but nothing too thrilling.


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