Review: KWS – Please Don’t Go (House)

This review covers the dance house track KWS – Please Don’t Go.

This track was released in 1992 as part of a single. It’s a rework of a 70s version from KC and the Sunshine Band.

The track starts with a synth melody and the main vocals. The main vocals then start coming in to take the track into the first verse. When the main vocals finish, the backup vocals continue as the main drum kit comes in for the track. This is joined by a synth string melody.

From there, the main vocals take the track into another verse. Shortly after, the vocals go into the main chorus. The bassline certainly helps give the track a nice presence. At the end of this vocal section, a brass element is added.

After this, the vocals take the track into the next verse along with an organ element. Shortly after, the vocals go into the main chorus, but with some alterations. The backup vocals continue the main chorus after the main vocals end. With the brass element, the track then fades out.

One thing that I find interesting is the very long length of the main chorus. While there isn’t much going on in the verses, the main chorus is quite large and complex. I found that this makes the track rather interesting.

The vocals are also nicely done. Both the main vocals and backup vocals give this track some dynamic sound. Both are quite good and add a lot to the track. So, a job well done there.

As mentioned earlier, the bassline is nicely done. It gives the track a nice presence. Meanwhile, the organ elements give this track a nice sound. The subtle amount of brass also works quite well in giving this track a nice audible texture.

Overall, this is quite a good track. It has nice backup vocals and well done main vocals. The bassline and the organ give this track a nice dynamic range. The brass, meanwhile, gives this track a nice audio texture. An overall enjoyable track to listen to.


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