Review: Kiss – Jungle (Rock)

This review covers the rock track Kiss – Jungle.

This track was released in 1997 on the album Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions.

The track starts with drums and a bass guitar. A lead guitar then comes in. After that, there are some vocals that come in.

In the verses, the vocals have a rather strange audio level issue. It comes in and out somewhat. As a result, some of the lyrics are a little hard to understand. What makes matters worse is that the guitar elements are very up front. This causes the vocals to get drowned out a bit.

When the track goes into the main chorus, the track is pretty decent. The vocals somewhat slur and become hard to figure out at times, though. So, it’s far from perfect, but from an auditory level, it sounds decent enough.

The track contains a guitar solo which is alright. It’s not exciting, but not exactly boring either. The latter portion of the solo certainly has a sense of progression and makes the whole thing interesting.

About 4 minutes into the track, there is another guitar solo which contains several long notes and bits of feedback. It’s OK, but I was partly expecting something else to happen at some point. Unfortunately, after about two minutes, the track just gradually fades out, leaving me with the impression that it’s just a long and drawn out solo.

Generally speaking, this is a very average track. While the guitar work has it’s positive moments, the long drawn out solo makes the track rather anti-climactic. The vocals come in and out, making them hard to understand at times. The verses are alright, but some of the lyrics are a little slurred and hard to understand. Not the most memorable track I’ve ever heard.


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