Review: Junksista – Monday (T-Error Machinez Remix) (Rock)

This review covers the industrial rock track Junksista – Monday (T-Error Machines Remix).

This track was released in 2018 on the album Promiscuous Tendencies. It is also one of the many tracks we had the privilege of previewing in our Sneak peak special back in 2018.

The track starts with a synth effect and layered vocals. Some keys join the track along with some lead guitars. The vocals end with lead guitars and a drum kit taking over.

From there, the female vocals take over with the keys the only thing backing them. A sliding synth enters the track. The other vocals re-join the track, taking the track into the main chorus. A synth string is also present here as well.

The female vocals rejoin the track as the lead guitars has a phaser effect applied to them. The other lead guitars rejoin the track. After that, the other vocals come in with a filter on them. From there, the synths take over as the track gradually fades out.

One of the things I really like about certain tracks is when male vocals and female vocals ping pong back and forth. If it’s well executed, it can seriously be an audio treat. That happens here. Both vocals work extremely well and adds so much dynamic sound to the overall track.

Another big plus in this track is the electric guitar. Keep in mind, at it’s core, this is an EBM track given a rock remix. While it is present, it doesn’t simply drown out the other elements. As a result, it allows the other elements to shine through. Still, they give this track such a great presence and even a nice amount of power, helping to punctuate the vocals nicely.

The other synths work extremely well. Those keys being used work nicely. Additionally, the main synth melody and even the subtle synth string just adds so much to the track. As a result, you have a very well rounded sound throughout the track.

Finally, I really like the subject of the lyrics. So many times, I hear tracks that just talk about sex, breakups, and anger. This track winds up being different. It’s as if the people who created the track said, “You know, everyone’s heard of all the usual topics in music, we’re going to do something different and unique.”

There is, of course, an inherent risk because we are leaning towards experimentation. Obviously, we’ve heard experimentation fall flat in the past. So, it isn’t enough to just be experimenting, but rather, experimentation that is well executed is what we look for. I think this track nails it. So, really well done there.

Overall, this is a great track. It offers a lot of rock, but manages to keep enough to give a nod to the original EBM roots of the track. This balance works well. The synth elements works well, giving this track a well rounded sound. With a relatively unique theme for the lyrics, everything comes together so well. So, a great track all around well worth listening to.


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