Review: Joy Kitikonty & Francesco Farfa Pres Hoyos Corya Feat. Tizya – Oyo (Original Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Joy Kitikonty & Francesco Farfa Pres Hoyos Corya Feat. Tizya – Oyo (Original Mix).

This track was released in 1993 as part of a single.

The track starts off with a voice sample with a delay effect. Some percussion work is added as an additional voice sample comes in. A brass element comes in as well. This is backed by a synth effect.

After a bit of a drop, a synth melody comes in along with some percussion work. A 303 synth melody comes in. Another small drop hits before the general drum kit comes in. The voice samples then make a return.

From there, the track then drops, leaving just a synth melody. There are some string synths as well. A brass element also rejoins the track at this stage. An additional synth comes in as other elements fade away.

Several elements then fade away, leaving the drum kit and the 303-like synth melody. After that, just percussion work is left. A voice sample comes in before some synths make a return again. Some voice samples then start to come in again. The 303 synth also gradually makes a return to the track. After that, the track then gradually breaks down, leaving the delay effect of the 303 synth.

One thing I do like about the track is the various synths. They interchange very nicely. When layered together, they sound quite good. Individually, they sound pretty good as they carry the track through the quieter parts. They are nicely done.

The brass elements sound pretty good. The take up a very small part of the track, but they do add a bit of variety to the track.

I also like the synth strings as they add a nice amount of warmth to the track.

The only thing I’m not sure about in this track is the fact that nothing is really standing out to me as something to be really excited about. It has all the basics of a decent track, but nothing really takes it to the next level.

Still, it is a decent track overall. The voice samples work and the synths gives this track a sense of progression as they are mixed and matched. I also thought the synth strings and the subtle effects are nicely done. A decent one all around.


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