Review: Javi Boss – End Of The World (Toxicator 2013 Anthem) (Hardcore)

This review covers the hardcore track Javi Boss – End Of The World (Toxicator 2013 Anthem).

This track was released in 2014 online for free.

The track starts off with the kick, some vocal elements and some synth elements. Soon after, some talking voice samples join in on the track. The voice samples are sprinkled throughout going into the drop.

When the drop hits, the voice sample continues, but is quickly brought back up again after. Some subtle “scream” like synths can be heard every so often as well.

After this, the track has a much more true drop. Again, the voice sample continues. There are some synth keys as well as some chords that build the track back up from there. When the track finishes building up, there is actually a delay going into the main part. This is a mix of voice samples, some synths, and a few minor breakdowns. The effect here is that it gives the track a sense of anticipation.

A modified version of the main melody is eventually heard. This is capped off by some final appearances of the voice samples. After this, the track is lead out with a number of synths and goes into a final breakdown.

What I like about this track is that there is a sense of creativity with those voice samples. With this being an anthem track, it can be difficult to come up with something that can bring in a crowd and set a mood. This is especially true when there are so many other hardcore and hardstyle anthems out there by this point in time. There’s already been an encroachment of evil, storms, immortality, and even disease. So trying to find a theme that fits that also gives a sense of uniqueness is going to be a difficult task in my view. In this case, this theme fits the bill quite well. It’s fitting for the genre and it’s a little different from what I’ve heard before. So, I do give some bonus points on that front.

The synth melodies I hear throughout the track work quite well. I especially like that anticipation going into the last main portion of the track. This track manages to tease the listener a little and builds up some good anticipation without being irritating. It is a bit borderline, but it’s not annoyingly long in my view.

The only real problem I have with this track is the reliance on the voice samples. Don’t get me wrong, the voice samples are great and they really propel the overall theme forward nicely. The problem I have is that it may have been used a bit too much. Even the most creatively used voice samples can be played out too many times in a track. As a result, they don’t exactly become particularly special after a while. If the voice samples were backed off in terms of quantity a little, I probably would have given a great score on this one. It’s a minor issue I have with it, so it’s still going to score well, but it is an issue I have with the track nevertheless.

Overall, I really like that sense of creativity that went into the track. The melodies work quite well. Backed by the choice vocals, it really gives me that sense of epicness that I like to hear in a hardcore track so much. While the voice samples are nicely done, it may have been laid on a little thick. Still, it is a very solid track that is worth listening to. A job well done.


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