Review: Janet Jackson – Black Cat (Rock)

This review covers the rock track Janet Jackson – Black Cat.

This track was released in 1990 as a single.

The track starts off with the sound of a tiger. After this, a drum kit comes in as well as an electric guitar. The bass guitar also comes in in a much more subtle manner. After this, the vocals come in. The vocals are joined by some backup vocals.

The main chorus comes in starting with just back up vocals. They all come in shortly after.

From there, the main vocals take over as the track immediately goes into the next verse. After this, the vocals then go back into the next main chorus. This section ends with a brief guitar element, a vocal element, and then a guitar solo.

When the solo ends, the track pulls back substantially with just a small drum kit presence. After this, the main chorus comes back again. This main chorus repeats again.

The end of the track features a false ending, some thunder, then the backup vocals take the track out with the fade out.

One thing that is interesting about this track is the lyrics. The themes expressed through what is featured in the title is fairly interesting.

Another interesting thing about the track is the use of the backup vocals. Normally, backup vocals lend some strength to the main vocals. They add some interesting variety, but as little more than an effect. In this track, the backup vocals make up for an unusually large portion of the track. In fact, they take up large portions of the main chorus. This certainly made the track interesting as it took a different approach to the backup vocals.

The other elements are decent enough. I wouldn’t get too excited over them, but there are some interesting music production decisions found here to say the least.

Overall, this is a pretty good track. The most interesting elements may be more interesting from a music production standpoint than a casual listener standpoint, but the lyrics may still be an interesting element to the track anyway. The use of the backup vocals is pretty interesting more on the way they are used than the fact that they are there. So, an overall pretty decent track.


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