Review: Imagine Dragons – Believer (Pop)

This review covers the pop rock track Imagine Dragons – Believer.

This track was released in 2017 on the album Evolve.

The track starts with a kick and clap intro. The vocals them come in pretty quick, backed by an acoustic guitar sound.

After a sweep sound, the main chorus comes in. An additional synth comes in to back them.

From there, the track goes into a verse, still backed with some basic acoustic guitar sounds and a very simple drum kit.

The main chorus comes in after another sweep and repeats once. A verse comes in, but nothing too significant about it. From there, the main chorus repeats and then the track just largely cuts off with a simple reverberation.

Supposedly, this is supposed to be more of a pop rock track. Apart from a subtle acoustic guitar, it’s hard to really find any rock elements in there. I’ve honestly heard more rock elements in trance music than this, so I am a little puzzled by the rock designation from other sources.

A problem I have with this track is that some of the lyrics are pretty much incomprehensible. Normally, I hear this kind of problem in verses because the pop artist just mumbles their way through them. In this case, it’s the main chorus that is virtually impossible to understand beyond hearing the title of the track. It might be the higher octaves or the effects that wash out the lyrics, but either way, I really don’t know what exactly this track is singing about during the main chorus.

Another problem is that the sounds backing the vocals just don’t help all that much. Apart from loud sweeps, there really isn’t much going on. As a result, the verses just come off as rather flat.

Generally speaking, this is a pretty flat track. Some of the lyrics get drowned out. The verses are flat. Apart from the sweeps used, this track has next to nothing going on in here. For me, this track just barely makes it to passable by a hair. Unfortunately, it’s just not that exciting.


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