Review: Hozier – Take Me to Church (Rock)

This review covers the soft rock track Hozier – Take Me to Church.

This track was released in 2013 as part of a single.

This track starts off with a sort of odd sound where the guitars and vocals just seem to be two elements loosely connected with each other.

When the track gets to the chorus, the vocals make me think I’m listening to an Ozzy Osbourn track.

When I got to the second verse, the piano and guitar sound just seem to be more or less on auto-pilot as it sounds like the verse.

The third verse seems to throw enunciation out the window to the point where the lyrics are hard to understand.

One good element of this track is that there is some artistry in the lyrics. Instead of falling into cliche’s and overused words, there are some creative ways of describing the meaning this track tries to get across.

Unfortunately, for me, after the third and fourth listen, I find myself getting bored with what I’m hearing. There’s nothing I hear that grabs me and makes me want to listen to this endlessly. As a result, there’s no real lasting appeal.

Overall, while there was an interesting attempt to be creative with the lyrics, there was nothing to be found in this track that would give it any lasting appeal. This is because there was nothing special with the overall sound. In fact, it sometimes just sounds like Ozzy Osbourn at times. As a result, this track is only good for a couple of listens before moving on to something more interesting to hear.


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