Review: Hitch-Hiker & Dumont – Journey Of Love (Long Space Rubber Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Hitch-Hiker & Dumont – Journey Of Love (Long Space Rubber Mix).

This track was released in 1995 as part of a single.

The track starts with some synth pads and a sample of chirping birds. A voice sample then comes in with some reverberation. The reverberation has a ping-pong panning effect. The synth pads and bird sample drops out as the voice sample repeats. A delay effect is added to the voice sample when it drops out.

From there, a chopped voice sample comes in along with a trance drum kit. This drum kit is accommodated by a synth element. This section ends with the voice sample playing out once.

After this, a piano element then comes in along with the bird chirping sample. A synth pad then comes in. An additional synth element that sounds a bit like a choir comes in to provide some melody. A synth effect also makes appearances here. Several elements drop out, making the bassline more noticeable.

From there, a synth effect comes in. Other elements finish dropping out, leaving only a higher pitches synth string. Some other synth effects occasionally make appearances. After that, a vocal sample comes in and repeats. The synth then becomes more melodic. A snare roll also helps build the track up along with the kick. The drum kit then drops out for a moment.

After that, the drum kit returns with some voice samples playing out. A synth melody also plays in the process. The voice samples then drop out, leaving several synth effects and some synth strings. The voice sample then make a return, letting the string synth drop. A synth melody also continues to play out.

A number of elements then drop out as the track begins to break down a bit. After a snare roll, the piano and synth effects make a return. after several cymbal crashes, everything drops out except the piano and bird sounds. The piano fades out, then the birds fade out after, ending the track.

One thing I do like is the piano element. This gives the track a nice melodic anchor point.

Another positive for the track is the synth string elements. This not only gives the track some nice warmth, but also some suspense part way through.

My only problem with this track is one of the voice samples. It is repeated part way through the track and ends in a sort of “ack” sound. I’m not sure this is the tracks finest moment, that’s for sure.

Overall, this is a pretty decent track. It has some nice piano and synth string elements that make this track sound quite good. I’m not too sure about one of the voice samples that repeat part way through. Still, this is a pretty decent track to listen to.


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