Review: Herbert & Dani Siciliano – Going Round (House)

This review covers the house track Herbert & Dani Siciliano – Going Round.

This track was released in 1997 as part of a single.

The track starts off with a general drum kit. A kick then comes in. A synth then comes in. The synths then become more pronounced. After that, the vocals then join the track for a verse. The synths change things up a bit as the vocals take the track into the main chorus. From there the vocals drop out along with some of the synth.

Everything except the remaining synths drop out as the vocals come back for another verse. A secondary synth comes in in a subtle manner. The drum kit returns as well as some of the synths as the vocals take the track into another round in the main chorus. An additional synth then joins the track to offer an additional melody.

From there, the vocals drop out along with parts of the drum kit. Other drum kit elements then come in to the track as the synths drop out a lot more. One of the melodic synths makes a return. Other synths also make a return as the vocals then take the track into another round in the main chorus.

After that, some of the synths and the drum kit drop out. Vocals repeat parts of the main chorus as the rest of the track gradually fades out. The vocals then lead the track out completely.

This is definitely one of those mood setter type tracks. It has a very chilled out atmosphere going for it. There is certainly a nice energy, but it is overall a rather relaxed track. If you want a track to relax to, this is certainly a good candidate.

The vocals work quite well. They give this track a good personality. At the same time, they don’t take up too much presence so as to disrupt the overall vibe of the track. So, they work quite well.

Meanwhile, the synths do a pretty decent job at rounding out the track. They give the track an interesting vibe throughout. They also keep things varied enough so as to not allow the track to get too repetitive.

Overall, this is a pretty reasonable track. It’s got a nice chilled atmosphere going for it. It also has some nice smooth vocals and some interesting synths. Definitely a track to relax and chill out to. So, a respectable track all around.


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