Review: Hellsystem – Gladiators (Hardcore)

This review covers the gabber hardcore track Hellsystem – Gladiators.

This track was released in 2012 on the Choose Your enemy E.P. This E.P. also features the tracks Choose Your Enemy and Glory to Rome.

The obvious feature of this track is the voice sample which is basically some sort of motivational speech for gladiators. This really helped give this track its theme. It worked very well in the context of hardcore. Surprising to me since I never thought of the combination until I heard this.

One great element was the use of a synth melody which doesn’t necessarily cover the whole track. Still, it added a lot to the track. I thought it was very well utilized.

The orchestral elements take up large chunks of the track. The use of orchestral elements in a hardcore track is always a combination that intrigues me and, once again, in this case, it worked extremely well and really pushed the envelope here.

Another interesting element was that the bass in the kick was briefly used as a sort of sub-melody. That really helped make this track excellent even if it was a small part.

Overall, I thought this testosterone fueled track worked very well. The melodies woven throughout the track both synthetic and orchestral worked very well. Bonus points for creativity in the theme. A great track to listen to and recommended if you are open to the hardcore genre. One of the best hardcore tracks I’ve heard so far this year.


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