Review: Hellsystem – Another World (Gabber Hardcore)

This review covers the gabber hardcore track Hellsystem – Another World.

This track was released in 2010 along with two other tracks.

One thing I was not expecting to hear was elements of drum n bass that makes brief cameo appearances in this track. For moments, this track slides into a completely different genre before sliding back to its hardcore roots. I thought that really works well artistically because of the voice samples and the name in question.

One thing you run the risk of doing when you basically have two whole genre’s sharing the same track is ruining the flow of the overall sound. I thought this track managed to slide between genre’s rather flawlessly and it works quite well.

The voice samples that appear in this track made the listening experience interesting. It doesn’t in an of itself make this track amazing, but it provided a nice platform. While it isn’t actually from Doom, it does remind me of the game because it shares a similar concept.

The main melody was definitely a great addition. I really liked that element as it really did a good job at tying the whole track together in part because it has that dirty element that appears in the drum n bass portions.

The choir pads that back the track does add some great texture. I thought that element was the most prominent effect that added a lot to this track.

Overall, I thought this was a very good track. Instead of the standard raw anger I hear so often in hardcore, there is major elements of mystery mixed in to this track. The drift between hardcore and drum n bass was unexpected, but works very nicely as it added a certain element of artistic style. The main melody was well done and the overall flow worked. A nicely track.


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