Review: Guns N’ Roses – Knocking on Heavens Door (Rock)

This review covers the rock track Guns N’ roses – Knocking on Heavens Door.

This track was released in 1991 on the album Use Your Illusion II.

This is one of those tracks I’m told by countless people that this is one of the greatest tracks ever produced. I’ve run into people who seem to think that anyone whose anyone listens to Guns N Roses and this is one of the tracks to listen to from this artist.

Having listened to this track, I feel like I’m going against the grain when I say that by the time I got half way through the track, I was bored. It felt like this track was about about 3 minutes too long. Any elements that was even remotely good was basically beaten to death with dull repetition. I lost count how many times the singer sings the main chorus.

I can appreciate slower paced music. I can certainly appreciate sad music. Unfortunately, this track just came off as a track that thinks its the best thing ever when it actually just wears out its welcome long before its even over.

The vocals do hit some interesting high notes. They do give off a rock sound. Unfortunately, it just sounds like the singer is riding past me singing out a window as he continues singing into the distance at some points in the track.

The guitars do have moments were they don’t sound awful. Unfortunately, any positive moments they have are fleeting and short-lived.

As a result, I honestly don’t see what’s so amazing about this track. Some people may call this track amazing, but I found it to be drawn out, boring, and it wears out its welcome before the track is even over. The vocals do hit some interesting notes, but ends up being excessively repetitive. The guitars have positive moments, but those moments are short-lived and fleeting. Since this is a 90s track, I think this should stay in the 90s.


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