Review: Grindstone – Yesterday (Rock)

This review covers the hard rock track Grindstone – Yesterday.

This track was released online for free in 2001. Since this band no longer exists, the website and music is no longer officially available. For those who think the track is available under the bands new moniker, Point Defiance on the self-titled album, this version is much different.

The track starts with some interesting keys and deep electric guitars. This alone gives the intro a very unique sound. The track then goes into a verse with the vocals. What’s interesting is that the track slips seamlessly into the main chorus. The track then ping-pongs back and forth between verse and chorus.

After that, the track has a more instrumental section before it slips back into verse and chorus. Eventually, the track wraps up with an echo before ending.

What makes this track interesting is the unique vocals. They have such an interesting sound to them. It makes the track sound like a great rock track all the while giving it a unique flavor of sound. The only problem with them is that there is the odd word here and there where the lyrics get a little garbled. Still, a minor issue in my view.

The lyrics discuss the internal struggle of being misunderstood. While there is efforts to make amends, the friction remains and a relationship is permanently altered. A bit of a complex subject, but the words are weaved nicely together anyway.

Generally, what I really like about this track is the fact that the keys add to an already unique sound for a rock track. The vocals already do the job nicely, but more effort is also added to the track. The subtle synth effects also add some nice texture to the overall sound. I also thought the guitars were also very nicely done as it adds so much presence to the track. So, I would call this a great song I could listen to again and again.


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