Review: Glenn Medeiros feat. Bobby Brown – She Ain’t Worth It (Pop)

This review covers the pop track Glenn Medeiros feat. Bobby Brown – She Ain’t Worth It.

This track was released in 1990 as a single.

The track starts with some synth sounds and a drum kit. It takes little time before the track shows off some rap vocals. Shortly after, the other vocals come in. Leading into the main chorus is some additional brass being layered on some of the other sounds.

When the vocals take the track into the main chorus, some backup vocals help boost the overall sound.

It doesn’t take long before the track goes into the next verse. Towards the end, like before, additional brass sounds are added to build up the track.

After this, the next main chorus comes in. When the track slides into the next verse, the vocals hit some higher pitches. This leads into a rap solo which adds a certain amount of dynamic sound to the track.

From there, the track goes into the next chorus. This version features some slight variations from the previous versions. One of the alterations is the additional rap vocals layering over top of the other vocals. After this, the chorus repeats and the track fades out.

What I really like about this track is the fact that rap mixes in with some general vocals. It gives the track a very dynamic sound especially when it flips back and forth between the two different styles. It’s the same effect that I like in Nu Metal tracks that blends rap with rock which did hit the music scene years later. Here, while it is actually just pop music instead of rock, the effect is just as good in my view.

Another thing I look positively on this track is the swing influences. It gives the track a very subtle hint of attitude. In this case, given the themes in the lyrics, it actually works quite well in this instance.

What I’m not so sure about in this track is that there is more instrumentation in the build up to the main chorus more than what is heard in the main chorus itself. This might have been effective anyway if there were a number of unique dynamic sounds or instruments in these main chorus sections. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as the backing sounds aren’t all that different from what is found in the various verses. As a result, the track ends up coming off a little on the weak side.

Generally speaking, while more could have been done to enhance the main chorus, this track does have some things going for it. The subtle swing elements gives this track a nice attitude that reflects nicely on the themes found in the lyrics. The rap and singing combination also gives this track some strength. So, in my view, this is a pretty decent track overall.


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