Review: General Base – Rhythm And Drums (Part 2) (Hardcore)

This review covers the happy hardcore track General Base – Rhythm And Drums (Part 2).

This track was released in 1995 as part of a single.

The track starts with a high hat effect. After that, there is a voice sample and synth effect. From there, some cheering backs the track before the main synth melody comes in. After a bit, the drum kit comes in as the synth melody continues. The voice sample continues to make appearances.

From there, the track drops out, leaving only some high hats, a synth, and the cheering in the background. Claps come in along with high hats. After that, the rest of the drum kit returns as the main synth continues with an altered melody. The track drops partly as some speech synthesis comes in.

In the next section, a second synth comes in to help back the altered synth melody. The voice sample makes a return. The synth effect comes in again. After that, the main synth melody returns backed by some choir elements that utilize quick notes. The voice sample ends the section.

From there, the kick and bassline continues. Some synth effects and the voice sample returns. After a bit, a kick and high hat comes in, leaving only the cheering in the background. The cheering then fades out.

One thing I do like about this track is the main synth melody. It works quite well. The fact that the synth also creates an alternate melody part way through really gives this track a nice flow.

The use of other effects also work quite well. It offsets the main synth nicely and gives this track a nice variety. Even the voice sample works quite well.

Overall, this is a pretty good track. It has a good main synth melody and some nice effects that offset that melody to give the track a nice variety. It flows well and offers some good energy. A solid track in the end.


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