Review: Extreme – More Than Words (Pop)

This review covers the pop rock track Extreme – More Than Words.

This track was released in 1991 as a single.

The track starts off with a simple guitar element. Vocals then join in on the track.

Backup vocals join the track when the main chorus comes in. After a brief verse, the chorus comes back in again.

From there, some non-lyrical vocals come in and non-lyrical vocals and lyrical vocals ping pong back and forth. After this, the next verse comes in.

Another round at the main chorus comes in again. The track gradually slips into verse. There’s another round of ping-ponging back and forth between non-lyrical vocals and lyrical vocals. From there, the track gradually breaks down. Some fast guitar notes are heard and the track stops. From there, the track goes out of a false ending for a brief moment of lyrics and ends with a strum.

This track has a very “around the campfire” sound to it. It’s very simplistic in almost every way. There’s two vocals and a guitar. That’s all there is in this track. The guitar does sound nice. I really can’t complain about it in general.

The vocals are decent enough. They do get a little too quiet at times, though. Still, it isn’t bad.

My problem with the track is the ending of the track. The inclusion of a false ending is sometimes an interesting way of changing things up. In this case, what follows it is just a little strange. It’s as if it was a weird attempt at extending the length of the track that didn’t exactly work.

Overall, this is an alright track. It leans a bit too much onto the simplicity side of things for my tastes. The vocals get a bit quiet at times, but are otherwise pretty decent. The guitar work works pretty well. There is a pretty awkward ending to this track, though. A decent one all around.


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